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as Officer Slant & Additional Voices

Vani Neel is extremely thrilled to be making her debut in the Potchki Audio Chronicles this year. She grew up on animation and fell in love with voice acting from an early age starting with He-Man, then Batman the Animated Series, and Toonami. Cowboy Bebop was a game changer for Vani as it solidified her passion for translation and dubbing work. She has performed in theater both in college and in the community and is a classically trained singer. Vani's passions are in writing, drawing anime and manga, singing, voice acting, and martial arts. Vani hopes to do work in anime dub as well as all forms of animation in general. She is currently one of Steve Blum's students in voice over. Vani's favorite voice actors are too many to name but among her frequently listened to VO stars are: Steve Blum, Mark Hamill, Richard Ian Cox, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. When Vani is not moonlighting as an artist, she is an English teacher by day!

Vani Neel: Project
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