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Harvey Flaczki (The Head Cheese)

Carlos Ortega Jr. is a voice actor based in the MD/DC/VA area. His background in performing comes from music and theater, where he performed in bands and high school plays. Outside of acting, Carlos' experiences come from time served in the Navy, a career in IT, and as a husband and father. You can hear more of his work at

Carlos Ortega Jr. - Voice Actor
Carlos Ortega Jr. is a DC/MD/VA based voice actor.

Twitter/Insta - @cortegajr_vo

Character Tidbit:

Flaczki is a traditional Polish meat stew. It can be an acquired taste, but is one of the many soups that are an important part of the Polish diet. Along with bigos, żurek, and pierogi, it is one of the most notable specialities in Polish cuisine. The name is derived from its main ingredient: thin, cleaned strips of beef tripe (in Polish: flaki - which can also be literally translated to "guts").

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Carlos Ortega Jr.: Project
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