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Additional Voices

Ryan Mounfield is our sole UK based Voice over talent.

Ryan is a versatile, hungry and passionate individual.
Especially when it comes to voice-over.
His first video game appearance was a devil in a game called Ben The Exorcist which you can find on steam.
He has preciously been paid to burp/belch.
He’s also lent his voice to university projects and worked on anti-bullying campaigns.
As well as help to promote the local colleges over the Radio.

Outside of voice-over Ryan works with adults with autism and has for the past 5 years.
Hobbies include the gym, playing video games socializing with friends and wasting time on YouTube watching Steve Harvey’s family feud!

Ryan is also a Pro wrestler and has been since 2007, where he had his first match just 3 weeks after starting his training.
He has wrestled across the United Kingdom and has won many Championships.

When walking to work or the gym he is always trying to better his craft by listening all around to different sounds and voices and then implementing into his voice work.

His dream is to be competing with the big dogs in Hollywood and to be able to make a living out of something he wouldn’t see as
“ work”. I.e voice acting.

Ryan: I have always wanted to say that I have voiced a “Legacy character “ like Bugs bunny or a Simpson’s character.
But for me, I would love to be able to say I’ve voiced Mickey Mouse.
Disney has been with me all my life and I still get so invested at my age towards the films and the magic of it all.

My inspirations when it comes to voice over are Mel blanc the Hulk hogan of voice acting!
And Rob Paulsen, the king of Saturday morning cartoons.
When I was a kid I would always recognize his voice in all kinds of shows I would watch.
From Animaniacs, TMNT, Biker mice from Mars even Butt Ugly Martians and that 1 episode of Spider-Man where he played Hydro man. But the main one was The Mask the animated series as I was so mesmerized by the performance and how close to Jim Carrey he was.
It would be an absolute honour to hopefully one day work alongside them.

Ryan also knows every world to the Animaniacs song nations of the world!

Ryan Mounfield: Case Studies
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