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as Sean LaGune & Additional Voices

Case 49312[A+B=C]x5=?????

Bio a class you take in school that teaches you about all forms of living organisms.  However when you are missing a bio then one becomes a mystery. What is the mystery behind Timothy Muller aka Sean LaGune. What do we know about this man. We know he was born in Philadelphia but after a few pacifier issues in daycare he was whisked away to the state of Florida, where he has seen some weird shit. Florida is where Tim aka Sean aka Timothy aka Sean Lagune lays his head at night. What else do we know of Tim, he enjoys drawing and playing Dungeon and Dragons. Explains why he hangs out in the torture wing of Flaczki's home in episode 4. 

As an Animator doing voices comes naturally. When Tim draws a character the voice just comes to him in his head. Or that could be the voices in his head. No one can say for sure. 

What got him into voice over you may ask. Perhaps it was the voices needing to come out or the long as drives to work where he would talk with himself in different voices. But we all do that don't we? Then on a moon lit night after getting back from a run with the local alligators  Tim saw a posting on FB from Blumvox Studios and thought to himself "That's the one for me." 

Making friends at Blumvox has helped get the creative juices going and allowed for more comfort in front of the mic. Then one day he was asked to put his powers to use for good or bad and become Sean Lagune, Left or Right Hand Man to Flaczki Enterprises. 

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