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How it all started

About a bakers dozen years ago the case of Roland Aids and his ring of thieves had come across Lt. Sgt. Lester Potchki's desk. Working the vice squad for a good 5 months Lester made many contacts in the underworld. The relationships he made enabled him to go deeper and deeper into that underworld until Rolands gang became Potchki's #1 priority. For a while Potchki was so lost in the underworld that he needed a flashlight and a first year seeing eye dog cadet to find his way out. Potchki and Nebbish have to stay alert and use new and old tactics of directivity. This means putting there wits to the test as well as honing there inner abilities for the art of surprise because everyone knows that the art of surprise is the best form of art especially if you have problems with plaster of Paris. To be a good detective one must have the great skills of the Samurai and those are mystery, fate and the most important of all depth perception. Lucky for the world Potchki has none of these features, but he can needle point one hell of a picture of Mt. Rushmore.

Years later in 1993, Lester 's life was consumed by Exlax and Imodium, he made it clear to friends and family that he was committing his life to tracking down Roland and his gang and putting a stop to them, if they don't stop him first. Yet he still takes time to phone his mother at least once a week. Lester Potchki formed after leaving the force. The force was happy to let Potchki go but he will be sorely missed. After many failed cases and many failed relationships with carwash cashiers, things started to look promising. In late 1999 Potchki was able to hire another sleuth, I.M. Nebbish to ease work load. Nebbish was a decorated security guard with the detective skills that only compared to Potchki himself. He could spot a shoplifter from 5ft away. I.M. Nebbish was heavily commundated, thou he only caught a handful of criminals, but he could carry your bags to the car with the greatest of ease. Then, in early 2000 Potchki got his first real break in the case of Roland and his Rare Recovered Farthings. Now Potchki and Nebbish will have to use there skills to conquer evil and save the day...

Original Film: Welcome
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