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As Intercom(s)

Robert A. Palmer was born in  Philadelphia, PA in 1977. When he was 8 years old he and his family moved to the suburbs of Philly, where his love of filmmaking blossomed. Robert watched endless hours of movies, he was a fixture at the local West Coast video store. Now, Having ample space to be creative, Robert began to explore basic camera styles while shooting many short films anywhere he could. The forest and streams nearby became a popular spot for filming. 

    As he grew up his love of filmmaking continued to grow and by the time he was a senior in High School Robert had helped 5 separate groups of classmates in making their senior short films based on classic British literature, but with his own creative twist. Once Robert realized making movies could be a real thing. He went to college to learn as much as he could and he excelled. Now, a college graduate Robert continued to pursue filmmaking as a profession. 

In Late 2000, Robert moved out to Los Angeles to make his once childhood dreams an actual reality. After working in Unscripted TV for many years where he learned what it takes to put a production together. Robert decided to make a short film called  Elysian (2008) a crime noir revenge short film made the festival circuit. Now “seasoned in filmmaking  Robert decided in 2010 to make his most ambitious short film People of Earth, a science fiction alien invasion film shot entirely from inside a car. People of Earth garnered many film festival nominations and winning ZED Fest in 2012. In late 2012 Robert and his longtime collaborator Michael A. Weiss set to make his biggest film yet. a reality TV horror feature Film called I Am Alone.  After raising funds on Kickstarter I Am Alone became a reality. In the summer of 2013, I Am Alone was shot at 10000ft on a Colorado Mountain with a fearless crew. By 2015 I Am Alone had been completed and began its highly successful festival run. Winning 2 Best features, 2 Best Actor wins (5 nominations) for lead Gareth David - Lloyd and Best Director for Robert, along with many other awards and nominations.  When Robert Isn’t developing his next projects, he's also a free-lance TV producer.

Robert A. Palmer: Project
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