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as SenSei San & Additional Voices

Benjamin M. Wong, more commonly known by everyone as Ben and Ben Wong, was born in Topeka, Kansas. His introduction to entertainment began in school where he was interested in musicals and theater and further supplemented by Saturday night cartoons. Earliest shows where Ben practiced and mimicked voices was Mighty Max, Looney Tunes, and Animaniacs. Other than mimicking, Ben loved to sing and make up his own voices, which happened as he got older and into anime. Digimon and Pokemon would be the earliest anime that Ben would watch before transitioning into heavy hitters like InuYasha, Cowboy Bebop, and Gundam. Other than voice acting, Ben is currently working on his own stories that he hopes will one day be animated and voiced. Featuring horror and science fiction. Although he did not go to school for acting or voice over, Ben began taking acting classes in Kansas City, before pursuing voice over with voice actors Sonny Strait, Chuck Huber, and Steve Blum. With a little confidence under his belt, he made his debut in voice acting in the Potchki Audio Chronicles.

Character Tidbit:

Sensei - a teacher or instructor usually of Japanese martial arts (such as karate or judo)

Ben Wong: Project
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