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as I.M. Nebbish

Nathan grew up in the Central New York Region and calls NYC home. He is an actor/writer/filmmaker and spends his time doing all three. As an actor his work ranges from Law & Order SVU (s20e8) to Shakespeare, playing such pivotal roles as Macbeth and Claudius from Hamlet.  He became Fangoria Radio’s Scream King of 2006 while starring in the cult classics Kottentail and King Lee, and providing the monster noises for Troma’s Poultrygeist.  He has played Bigfoot in two movies, getting the second film because he had “previous Bigfoot experience”.  He wrote and starred in the Marvel Fan Film “Killgrave”. He was the host of the comic book web show “Meanwhile…” which he wrote and produced. Currently he is in development on a series written with the creator of GI Joe, Larry Hama and in post-production on his first feature film, “Site 13” which he wrote and directed. For more info, go to

Character Tidbit:

Nebbish, a person, especially a man, who is regarded as pitifully ineffectual, timid, or submissive.

"He's a nebbish. No money, no prestige, no future"

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Nathan Faudree: Case Studies
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