Sally & Additional Voices

Stephanie Watson is a North Carolina native who has spent over two decades as a trainer, writer, and editor in the tech industry. Recently, that's included voice narration for training content, sparking her desire to develop her voiceover and voice acting skills. Stephanie is a fan and active community member at Rooster Teeth, a huge Star Wars fan, and enjoys ballroom dancing, fire dancing, drum circle, cosplay, and gaming (as Jicori). Stephanie has always been eager to know more about the actors behind the animated shows she loved, from Scooby Doo and Transformers to various anime series and video games. Stephanie is currently taking online voice acting lessons and seeking opportunities to hone the acting side of her voice performances. Stephanie is thrilled to be cast in the Potchki Audio Chronicles alongside fellow Blumvox community members and classmates. Just a few of Stephanie's favorite voice talents and inspirations include Steve Blum, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Tress MacNeille, Romi Park, Johnny Yong Bosch, Jennifer Hale, Phil Lamarr, Rob Paulsen, Nolan North, Troy Baker, James Arnold Taylor, Mark Hamill, and Kōichi Yamadera.