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Discreet & Experienced
(just don't ask any previous clients)

The Potchki Chronicles Detective Agency is a fake full-service Private Detective Firm based on the Internet ONLY.

Our "licensed" "professionals" provide a wide range of comedy to listeners across the nation. Review our site to learn more about our comprehensive podcast talent and hilarity, and for more additional information regarding our successful past cases or episodes as we call them.

*We can assure that whatever your particular case may be, it will be in the most "(in)capable" hands.*

*We are not a real detective agency, We are a scripted Comedy Podcast.

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The Podcast Audio Chronicles

      " A nonsensical comedic journey for the ages."

                                                          - Jean Challete

The Potchki Audio Chronicles is the "brain child" of Eric N. Horowitz and Robert A. Palmer. See, back in the late 90's they made a feature fim that was finally realeased in 2001, it was called The Potchki Chronicles. For this young duo, it was an ambitious, but ultimately never released film. In fact, they didnt even see it. It played at some festival without their consent a few years after completion... Anyway, we digress, Potchki as a whole was shelved for many, many years but the stories Eric and Robert kept conjuring up randomly, meant the character was never really gone just forgotten.

Fast forward to 2019, as technology and viewing habits have changed,  along with the rise in popularity of the podcast culture allowed us to tell more Potchki stories. So the Potchki Audio Chronicles was born in 2018.

This is a direct continuation of the original film, but fear not you'll catch on quickly. The film in all its ineptitude is available on youtube for your entertainment "pleasure."

Happy Listening!

Eric and Robert

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At Potchki Chronicles, our clients are a priority. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you with your next investigation.

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