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As Grand PA Flaczki & Additional Voices

Born Heath Anthony Martin in the Pacific Northwest

I have been a performer since I could form words, always entertaining my family and friends. An accomplished Gospel and R&B singer, I have been affiliated with both major and independent record labels ranging from Blackground / Universal as an artist in waiting, to King-Muzik Group where I recorded my album "Anthony Martin A.M."

I've worked with and been mentored by R&B legends like H-Town, Silk, Shai, Case, and Lyfe Jennings just to name a few and after a lifetime of chasing and living on that musical road, I changed my focus to stage, film and voice acting.

I was drawn to (musical) theater and found my tribe in 2017 with ACT-1 Theater Group. I appeared on stage in many productions but most notably as Greg, the leading male protagonist in an off-Broadway production of Sylvia, Mr Cladwell, The lead antagonist in the musical theater production of Urinetown and Mr Feldzieg, the Male antagonist from The Drowsy Chaperone to name a few. Since then I've been seen with Michael Madsen in the 2019 film, Silence, and then Retribution in 2020-2021 In addition to the extensive voice actor training, and coaching with greats like Steve Blum, Marc Cashman, Marc Graue, Everett Oliver, Jon Bailey, and Tom Antonellis, I have been truly blessed to have been mentored by the great Chuck Duran, Jess Harnell, Bob Bergen, Joe Cipriano, and many others as well.

I have booked a modest amount of roles in video games, web dramas, radio theater, narration, online d&d role-playing adventures of note, commercial, promo, animation, and movie trailer projects to date. I attempt to live my life with an attitude of gratitude, every single day. It is a privilege to serve you.

Character Tidbit:

Favorite Drink:

Snake wine cider - made

with locally sourced Potchkiesberg garden snakes  with a dash of cobra venom.

Heath Martin: Project
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