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CASE #372

A Case of beer - solved within the hour of purchase..

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CASE #258

Dog Bites Man?

This case still haunts the PCDA since it fell on their lap. Literally. Potchki was eating a leftover scone at a Wawa when Snippy Doodle jumped on his lap ate the remainder of the pastry and darted off. never to be seen again. Since they stopped looking.

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CASE #142

The Key case of the Para - Normal

Case #142 Wang Chung? Nebbish was busy working a kidnapping case. Turns out the kid was just napping. While he was doing that I was trying to figure out how to Wang Chung. Case closed you cannot wang Chung by day you can only wang Chung tonight. When I figured that out everyone can Wang Chung tonight.

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CASE #674

Cookie or Death?

Case #674 Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? This case was a tough one. It was an issue we were having internally. I would buy cookies and put them in the office cookie jar. We were stumped for a while. I was talking with my tailor while he was letting out the waist of my slacks. I was watching what I was eating but still gaining weight. Then Nebbish had the idea to put cameras in the office. Apparently the nights I was sleeping at work I was sleep walking and you guessed it eating the cookies. Case solved. I bought bigger pants and pants with elastic waist.

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CASE #345

Hole to pay?

We will call this file the case of the missing lunch. I was walking to work today like I do everyday. Why you may ask. Well I can't afford to drive and you have to pay bus fair. The ole look over there and run to a seat then hold a newspaper in front of your face bit only works four times. The fifth time you get asked to leave the bus. The sixth time, oh boy. Did you know it hurts being thrown from a bus. 
So I was walking to the office because I am not allowed to take the bus anymore. Wonder why. I have the correct change in my pants. In fact that was all I had in my pants. I wake up and put my pants on two legs at one time like everyone else. Then load my pockets with change, so I can buy lunch when I get to the office. As I walk I jingle and occasionally whistle old western songs. On this specific day as I walked I kept hearing plunking sounds behind me and I my strides started being quicker and quicker. I thought heck, I have been lifting more and thought this was paying off. By the time I got to the office and went to buy my lunch I had no change left and was heart broken. I thought I put on my good pants. Nope I put on my holey pants and all the change just fell out. I had no money for lunch. So I stole Nebbishs egg salad and sardine sandwich.

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The ET Sighting (not john Tesh)

Case #8 This is a weird case and weird is in strange but not strange as in extra terrestrial but odd and not odd like haunted or paranormal. This case was difficult. In this line of work we never know what will come through that door. Who we will have to help, who we will have to look for. Will it be a lost filafax with important information in it? Maybe a cheating spouse? Did someones grandfather wander off only to be found at the local gas station? No this case is about losing something personal. Something that has been with me for a very long time and has sentimental value. Oh wait case closed my car keys were in my jacket pocket. Theirs another in the win column.

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CASE #177

The worlds Most Wanted criminals - Circa 1999

Case #177 
Villains be damned! When Potchki and Nebbish were at their respective detective heights, no criminal organizations could out with them...
It turned out every criminal was able to out smart them. they caught none.

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CASE #05

Baby's Day Out?

Case #05
What was a an early case for these two, Baby Hey went missing nearly 10 years before they were put on it. The case went as cold as Potchki's sores. Back in 2000, the family desparate... Hired the PCDA but soon they realized no one would find their Baby Huey.

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CASE #555

Cheating Baker

Case #555

Today we had a little tussle in the office. A client came in demanding that we pay him for services rendered. Well I never rendered any type of service from this man and neither did Nebbish. 
The man got demanding and started to get agitated. I could tell from the looks of him that he was a hard working fellow who was just recently dumped. I asked him what he wanted and he said I had ruined his life. I have never seen this man before in my life. Nebbish approached him and he said I took pictures of his girlfriend playing patty cake with another man. I swear I never did such a thing. Then Nebbish said that was what I was doing last Wednesday night.  Oh well then I guess it was me. Case closed.  

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CASE #99

Sock it to me?

Case #99

Schmatta? I hardly knew her. In a rare case 14 pairs of socks went missing.

Potchki and Nebbish scoured every laundromat within a 1 block radius of their offices.

The socks were never recoveed. But Potchki now owns a new raincoat.

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CASE #473

30 Minutes for lunch

Case #473

I was hired to stake out a local office. The perp as it were was stealing from the inside. I am not sure as of yet who it may be. I have my hunches. The woman who hired me said someone has been stealing office supplies and worst of all food. To narrow it down even further snacks from people desks. Neb and I have installed surveillance equipment and nothing has shown up as of yet. Best part about this case is I get to sit back eat all these bags of chips and candy people left out while I watch the video of the office. Love me a good candy bar. 

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CASE #124

Raffle these nuts?

Case #124

Potchki and Nebbish love a good meal... Sensei San loves a good scam... And on one fateful afternoon, while Sensai San was running his raffle scam at his shop, Potchki inadvertandly foiled the entire operation. Instead of closing shop, Potchki now gets a lifetime supply of chinese food.  He's a PI not a cop, he'll work for bribes.

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